Title IX Coordinator Role & Responsibilities

The Title IX Coordinator’s role includes providing leadership and direction in the following areas:

  • Coordinate Title IX efforts including the development, implementation, and monitoring of appropriate policies, procedures and practices designed to comply with federal and state legislation, regulation, and case law requiring the prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints pursuant to Title IX;
  • Provide direction and oversight for all activities of the Title IX program including consulting with relevant policy-making bodies and senior management team members for the purpose of advising, clarifying and identifying necessary action to eliminate sex and/or gender-based discrimination in all educational programs and activities, to ensure that access to facilities, opportunities, and resources are gender equitable throughout campus;
  • Provide oversight to the training effort on Title IX for students and employees (faculty, staff, and administrators), with specialized training for investigators/fact-finders;
  • Partner with stakeholders and engage the campus community in strategic efforts aimed at the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of sex and/or gender-based discrimination;
  • Oversee the intake and investigative process by ensuring that it is prompt, effective, and equitable.  Appoint and supervise the Title IX investigators and oversee investigation efforts.  Ensure provision of initial remedial actions; assure compliance with timelines; ensure delivery of appropriate notice of charge, notice of hearing, notice of outcome, duty to warn, and remedies, and ensure a repository for and source of institutional record-keeping;
  • Ensure the institution maintains an organizational file of all complaints, and other records regarding Title IX compliance, including annual reports of the number and nature of filed complaints and the disposition of said complaints, data collection, climate assessment, pattern monitoring; and
  • Serve as principal contact for government inquiries pursuant to Title IX.
  • Chair the institutional Title IX/Clery Committee.