Academically Related Extracurricular Activity Grants (AREA)

Academically Related Extracurricular Activity Grants (AREA)

Types of projects supported:

AREA grants are available each semester to student academic organizations who need additional funding to attend an educational and/or artistic conference, participate in academic competitions, or produce campus-wide publications.

Funding may be used for:

Event registration



Printing costs

Amount of Award:

Maximum of $3,000 per organization

Who may apply:

  • Student academic organizations with faculty sponsorship. Only one request per organization per academic year will be considered.
  • In cases involving foreign travel, written approval from the Center for Global Education that all their requirements have been completed is required.
  • If an organization is funded for foreign travel, the organization cannot apply for foreign travel the following academic year. Annual requests for domestic travel will be considered.

Application deadlines:

The application deadline for activities occurring the fall semester is September 15.

The application deadline for activities occurring in the spring semester is February 15.

How to apply:

Complete the AREA Grants application form.

Instructions for reimbursements:

  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted, with appropriate documentation, to the Provost’s Office within 30 days after the activity and at least two weeks prior to the end of the fiscal year on May 31.
  • A representative from the organization must submit a final report at this link. (Link will be updated)