Gettysburg College Audit Application and Policies

To audit a course, registered students and individuals not enrolled at the College must obtain an audit application form, which is available on the Registrar’s website and at the Admissions Office. Permission from the course instructor is required via direct email or a written signature. Audited courses are not awarded academic credit, and will not appear on a student’s transcript.

An auditing student who intends to earn Gettysburg College credit for the course must declare that intention during the drop/add period, which occurs during the first ten class days of each semester. At such time, the student is no longer an “auditing student” and must submit their High School and College transcripts.

Student Audit Application (DOCX)


Any community members.

Auditing Student Application Process

Audit application forms are available on the Registrar’s website and at the Admissions Office. An interview may be required for high school students.

  • Complete the Audit application form (high school students must include high school transcript).
  • Obtain instructor approval for the desired course(s).
  • Submit the application for review and approval from the Admissions Office by August 1st for fall and December 19th for spring.

Enrollment Terms

  • Only allowed to audit one or two courses in a given semester.
  • No academic credit will be given for the course(s) taken.
  • Auditors will have access to the Library, Campus Safety alerts, a network login (for GBCWiFi, campus computers, and Moodle) and an ID number.
  • If an Audit Student would like to switch to a guest student, pay for the class and receive credit, this MUST happen within the first 10 class days of the semester.