Major Checklist

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Psychology Major
Effective with the class of 2025

Check Sheet

Nine Psych courses and two Natural Science courses are required for the major.

Core Courses

  • Psych 101
  • Psych 205 passing grade required. Can only be taken once*
  • Psych 305 students who earn a grade lower than “C” are encouraged to repeat the course.

Four Additional Psychology Elective Courses

  • Two courses from Group A: Psych 215, 216, 236, 237, and 238.
  • Two courses from Group B: Psych 214, 221, 222, 223, 225, 226, and 230.

Two Advanced Laboratory Courses

  • One course from Group A: Psych 315, 316, 327, 336, or 338.
  • One course from Group B: Psych 314, 321, or 328.
    The advanced laboratory courses together are the capstone experience for Psychology majors.

Two Natural Science Courses

  • Two laboratory courses in the division of natural sciences from among those that satisfy the natural science with lab requirement.


  • Students may withdraw from Psych 205 and retake the class later.
  • In extenuating circumstances students who do not pass Psych 205 may petition the department to retake the course.