Major Checklist

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International & Global Studies Major International Affairs Track

Check Sheet

Fourteen courses and a semester abroad are required for the major.

Four Foundation Courses

  • ANTH 103 Intro to Cultural Anthropology.
  • ECON 104 Macroeconomics.
  • POL 103 Intro to International Relations or POL 104 Intro to Comparative Politics.
  • HIST 103 Europe Africa and Asia 1750-1900 or HIST 110 The Twentieth Century World.

International Affairs

  • ECON 251 International Economics.
  • One from POL 203, 242, 252, or 253.
  • Of the following electives two must be at the 300-level.
  • One Political Science Select Elective.
  • One History Select Elective.
  • Two additional electives from different disciplines.
    Cannot be Economics or Political Science courses.

Four Courses of Language Study

  • Four foreign language courses are required for the IGS major.
    The first two courses should be in the same language to satisfy the Gettysburg College curriculum requirement.
    The additional two courses can be in the same language or two additional languages.
    Language courses can be taken on campus or in an approved program off campus.

Methods Course

  • Methods course approved by IGS committee.
    Must be taken prior to capstone course.
    Students choose the methods course most suitable for inquiry into their track.

Semester Abroad

  • One Semester of study off-campus in a college approved program.
    While studying off campus for one semester, a maximum of three courses can count towards the International Affairs section of major requirements.
    A second semester abroad is optional. When studying off campus for two semesters four courses can count.

Senior Seminar

  • IGS 400 International & Global Studies Capstone
    Offered Spring of senior year; students will complete a research project that builds on tracks, coursework and/ or study abroad experiences.


  • The IGS major includes some self-design and so student must complete an application form for the major working closely with one of the faculty members of the International & Global Studies Committee.
  • Application for the IGS major must be submitted no later than the fall of a student’s junior year.