Major Checklist

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English Major Check Sheet

Check Sheet

Eleven courses, some of which must satisfy the Period and Diversity requirements, are required for the English major.

Seven Literature Courses

  • Three 200-level literature courses (ENG 210 – 289).
  • Four 300-level literature courses (ENG 310 – 399).

Theories and Methods Course

  • One 200-level Theories and Methods course (ENG 290 – 299).

Two English Electives

  • One course may be a 100-level literature course.
    ENG 111-113, CLA 103, or designated FYS in literature.
  • One or both may be a 200- or 300-level literature course.
  • One may be a 200-level writing course.
  • One may be an academic-year internship or individualized study.


  • One 400-level seminar (ENG 400-404).

Period Requirements

  • Three of the courses must focus on literature written before 1900; all three may focus on literature written before 1800, or two may focus on literature before 1800 and one on literature written between 1800-1900.
  • One course must focus on literature written after 1900.

Diversity Requirement

  • One course which focuses on literatures of diversity is required.
    These English courses also meet the Conceptualizing Diversity and/ or Global Understanding curriculum requirement of the college.


  • One literature course taken outside the English Department may count toward the major.  The course must be taught in English. English faculty advisor must provide approval to the Office of the Registrar for the course to count for the major.
  • Study Abroad: From a semester-abroad program, may include two courses towards the major with departmental approval.  Courses must be taught in English.
  • AP and IB credits do not count for the major.
  • Courses may not be taken under the S/U grading option.