Major Checklist

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German Studies Major

Check Sheet

Eleven courses are required for the German Studies major.

Four Required Courses

  • German 301 Advanced German
  • German 302 Advanced German
    German 302 or equivalent proficiency is considered a prerequisite to all 300-level German courses.
  • German 310 Introduction to German Studies: Methods and Theories
  • German 400 Senior Seminar

Three additional 300-level Courses

  • Three 300-level courses taught in German (or the equivalent) are required.

Four German Studies Electives

  • Four German Studies courses, including up to two courses taught in English.
    GER 201 and GER 202 Intermediate German can count toward this requirement.
  • Students may count up to two courses taught in English as German Studies electives toward the major. Selected from the following list of courses: First-Year Seminars taught by faculty of the German Studies Department,  GER 120 German Literature in Translation, GER 250 European Fairy Tales,  GER /CIMS 231 German Film, Gender, and Culture Before the Nazis, GER/ CIMS 235 The Holocaust through Film, GER/ CIMS 259 Gaming,  GER 260 Media Violence,  GER 265/ IDS 264 Antisemitism and Jewish Responses, GER 273 The Real World, GER 275 Science + Fiction, GER 276 Fermentation and Intoxication, GER 277 German Eco-Fiction, GER 280 European Cinema, GER 285 European Jews, GER 351 The German-Jewish Experience, HIST 218 Modern Germany, PHIL 208 Kant and the 19th Century, Phil 366 Great Philosophers – Nietzsche


  • For students who start at the 100-level, GER 102 may also count as an elective toward the major.
  • Must include at least two German courses in senior year.
  • Majors are strongly encouraged, but not required, to spend one semester studying in an approved program in a German speaking country
    Two courses per semester abroad may count for major credit