Major Checklist

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Political Science Major

Check Sheet

Effective with the Class of 2027

Ten courses are required for the major.

Three Introductory Courses

  • Three courses from among 101, 102, 103, or 104

Political Science Research Methods Course

  • POL 215 (with a grade of C or better)

Two Courses at the 200-level from two different subfields

  • 2 courses at the 200-level each from a different subfield
  • Choose from the following subfields: American Politics, International Politics, Comparative Politics, or Political Theory.
  • Maximum of one course taken off-campus through an approved Gettysburg College program can be used toward the 200-level requirement.

Two Courses at the 300-level from the same two subfields as those at the 200-level

  • 2 courses at the 300-level in the same subfields as the courses taken at the 200-level
  • Both 300-level courses must be taken at Gettysburg College.

Elective Course

  • One course at the 200 or 300-level consistent with any of the 100-level introductory courses already taken.


  • One 400-level capstone course consistent with one of the two subfields pursued.


  • No AP credit(s)