Major Checklist

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French Major

Check Sheet

Ten French courses and a semester abroad are required for the major.

Required Courses

  • French 202 Intermediate French or French 300-level elective
  • French 300 Practice in Communication
  • French 305 Approaches to Textual Analysis
  • French 310 French Revolutions: Political, Social & cultural Upheaval Since 1789
  • French 400 Seminar (must be taken in Spring of Senior Year)

French 300-level Electives

  • Five electives chosen from the other French departmental offerings at the 300-level or above.
  • May include one Individualized Study.

Semester Abroad

  • All French majors are required to spend at least one semester at an approved French speaking program abroad, which has been approved by the French department.
  • Majors must enroll in one course in one of the local universities during their time studying abroad.
  • Up to three courses taken aboard at IES Paris or IES Nates may be counted toward the major requirements, subject to the approval of the French department chairperson.


  • All majors must take at least one course within the French department during their senior year.