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Public Policy Major

Check Sheet

A first major, ten courses, and an internship are required for the Public Policy major.

No more than two courses used to fulfill the requirements of a student’s first major may count toward the Public Policy major. Exceptions may be made for Economics, Business, and IGS majors.

Prerequisite Course

  • One introductory government class POL 101, 102, 103, or 104, or AP Government Exam of 4 or 5.

Core Courses

  • PP 221 Introduction to Public Policy
  • PP 401 Capstone

Additional Requirements:

  • ECON 103 Macroeconomics
  • ECON 104 Microeconomics
  • Research Methods/ Statistics course, preferably PP 251 Research Design.
    Also accepted ANTH 323, BIO 260, ECON 241, HS 232, 326, MATH 107, MGT 235, 301, POL 215, PSYCH 205, SOC 298, 299.
  • Values course, preferably related to concentration.
    See Public Policy website for list of approved courses
  • Theory course, preferably PP 305 Advanced Public Policy Analysis or PP 306 The Public and Its Problems.
    See Public Policy website for list of other approved courses
  • Policymaking course, preferably related to concentration
    (PP 219 Global Media Industries, PP 305 Advanced Public Policy Analysis, if not used for Theory requirement, PP 322 Public Policy Seminar, or other approved course listed on the Public Policy website)
  • Elective related to concentration
    See Public Policy website for list of approved courses
  • PP 470 Internship with Policy Concept Paper related to concentration

Link to Public Policy Website: