Major Checklist

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Environmental Studies Major, Bachelor of Arts

Check Sheet

Eleven courses are required for the ES, BA.

Six Environmental Studies Core Courses

  • ES 196 Environmental Science and Society
  • ES 211 Principles of Ecology
  • ES 223 Earth System Science
  • ES 225 Environmental Humanities
  • ES 230 Intro to Geographic Information Systems
  • ES 400 Seminar or ES 460

Five ES Elective Courses

  • Five 200 or 300 level ES electives
  • Students must complete an area of concentration through their choice of electives.
    Consult the Environmental Studies programs webpage for a list of possible areas of concentration and discuss goals with ES faculty advisor.
  • With permission of the ES advisor, two of the electives may be taken off-campus or in another department.
    A list of Sample Courses from other Departments is available on the Environmental Studies programs webpage.
  • Student may petition the ES department to count a 100-level ES or FYS course as one of the five required electives if it is the first ES course taken.