Major Checklist

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Effective with the Class of 2023

Nine courses in Religious Studies are required for the major. REL 260 (Theories of Religion) and REL 400 (Capstone Experience) are required. Other courses are electives.

The following courses from the FYS program and IDS are automatically considered to be Religious Studies courses: FYS 116-4, 132-4, 150, and 192-3; and IDS 214, 228, 238, 331, and 338.

Students may petition the department to apply additional courses to the major that are taught outside the Religious Studies Department (at Gettysburg College, at other US institutions, or at study abroad programs).

Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To petition for departmental approval, the student should email the department chair with their request as soon as possible.


  1. Three courses in Religious Studies at any level.

I.1. ____________________

I.2. ____________________

I.3. ____________________

  1. Two courses at the 200-level or above

II.1. ___________________

II.2. ___________________

III. REL 260: Theories of Religion (REL 260 is required).

III.1. ___________________

  1. Two courses at the 300-level or above.

IV.1. ___________________

IV.2. ___________________

  1. REL 400: Capstone Experience in Religious Studies (REL 400 is required).

V.1. ___________________

Revised 3/2023