Minor Checklist

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Writing Minor

Check Sheet

Six courses are required for the writing minor.

Core Course

  • ENG 205: Introduction to Creative Writing
    ENG 205 is the pre-requisite for all 300-level advanced writing courses.

Writing Courses at the 300-level

  • Three 300-level advanced writing courses
    May include ENG 405

Literature and Elective Courses

  • One 200-level literature course
  • One elective course
    Elective may be a 100-level writing or literature course, (ENG 111-113, CLA 103, or designated FYS in literature or writing), a 200 or 300-level writing course, a 200 or 300-level literature course, or an academic year Internship or Individualized Study.


  • AP and IB credits do not count for the minor.
  • All courses for minor credit must be taken for a grade (not S/U).
  • Study abroad limit: Two courses (preferably one 200-level and one 300-level writing course, or one literature and one writing course) from a semester-abroad program may count toward the minor. Courses must be taught in English.