Minor Checklist

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Theater Arts Minor

Check Sheet

Six courses are required for the THA minor.

Intro Course

  • THA 105: Introduction to Theater

Theater History Course

  • THA 203 or THA 204: History of the Theater

Dramatic Literature Course

  • THA 214: Survey or Dramatic Literature or THA 331: World Drama

Acting, Dancing, Directing, or Playwriting Course

  • Choose one from THA 120, 163, 212, or 262

Studio or Design Course

  • Choose one from THA 115, 116, or 215

Elective Course

  • One additional course from those listed above or one course from the following: CLA 266, ENG 214, 312, SPAN 355, THA 320, 382, or FYS 119-3


  • Limit of two 100-level courses. This means that because THA 105 is required, you may only take one other 100-level course that is listed above.