Minor Checklist

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History Minor

Check Sheet

Six courses are required for the minor.

Four History Courses

  • Four history courses at any level*
  • One may be from FYS 149, 153, 170-3
  • One of the minor courses may be from outside the department. Choose from the following: AFS 262, 331, 375, 251, 252, CWES 205, FREN 310, GER 285, or 312.
    Any History minor seeking credit toward the minor for FREN 310, GER 285, or 312 must also be a major or minor in that language.

Two Courses at the 300-level, taken at Gettysburg College

  • HIST 300 Historical Method
  • One 300-level history course.


  • * Limit of two 100-level courses may be counted toward the minor.
  • Limit of one AP or transfer credit may count toward the minor.
  • Courses may not be taken under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option.