Minor Checklist

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Spanish Minor

Check Sheet

Six courses, which must be taught in Spanish, are required for the minor.

Two Spanish Core Courses. Both must be taken at Gettysburg College

  • Spanish 301 or 302
  • Spanish 305

Four Advanced Spanish Elective Courses

  • All 4 courses must be beyond Spanish 305
  • Up to 3 of the advanced Spanish electives may be completed at a relevant full immersion Spanish study abroad program. These courses must be approved by the appropriate Spanish faculty advisor.

Courses that Must be Taken at Gettysburg College

  • It is required that 3 of the 6 courses be taken at Gettysburg College. These must include Spanish 301 or 302, 305, and 1 advanced elective course.


  • All 6 courses fulfilling minor requirements must be completed with A-F grading. Additional courses in Spanish may be taken with S/U grading option.