Minor Checklist

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East Asian Studies Minor – Japanese Culture

Check Sheet

Six courses are required for the minor.

Core Course

  • AS 150 Japanese Culture & Society
    Must be taken at Gettysburg College.
    AS 150 is recommended for first and second year students, but cannot be taken by those who have studied in Japan.

Three Elective Courses

  • One course from Arts & Humanities specializing in Japan
  • One course from History & Sociology specializing in Japan.
  • One additional course specializing in Japan.

Comparative Course

  • One Course that offers a comparative perspective with East Asia of focuses on China

Language Course

  • JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese


  • Categories and potential courses for the electives appear on the Japanese Track Requirements webpage. Link to webpage: gettysburg.edu/academic-programs/east-asian-studies/programs/japanese-track-requirements
  • JPN 101 & 102: Elementary Japanese are pre-requisites for JPN 201 bit do not count towards the minor, However, student who have previously studied Japanese may enter the 200-level as determined by the language placement exam. Japanese language proficiency at the 202 level is required and determined by the department.