Minor Checklist

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Biology Minor

Check Sheet

Six courses are required for the minor.

Biology Core Courses

  • BIO 111 Introduction to Ecology and Evolution
    Grade of C- or higher required.
  • BIO 112 Form and Function in Living Organisms
    Grade of C- of higher required.

Four Biology Elective Courses

  • Four additional BIO courses from those which count toward the Biology major.
  • Students selecting upper-level courses to t meet the requirements for the minor must also fulfill any prerequisite that may be required for the course.
  • The Biology Department recognizes and counts completion of the combination of HS 209 and HS 210 as one Biology elective. A student must complete both to receive one course credit for a Biology elective.


  • All courses must be taken using the A-F grading system, except for BIO 461 which can be taken using the Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory grading option.
  • BIO 290 and BIO 453 do not count towards the requirements of the Biology minor.