Off-Campus Living

The College requires all full-time students to live on campus during their four undergraduate years at Gettysburg. The four-year residential requirement is rooted in the values of the College, specifically that a living-learning community is a key part of a liberal arts and sciences education, as outlined in the College’s Mission Statement:

Our conviction that a residential college best promotes the sense of community, central to a liberal arts education, in which personal relationships between students, faculty, and staff can flourish.

In the past, the College had been in a position to permit a small number of seniors to live in the local community in off-campus residences as there had not been enough residential space on campus for all students. The decision to hold an Off-Campus Housing process is made annually and is based on two factors: The College’s enrollment and the current number of residential spaces available to students in the College’s housing system. As many of you may recall, it was shared last year that based on these factors, the College is now in the position to house all students on campus moving forward.

Over the last year, the College continued to evaluate our housing inventory and has very recently made a previously unexpected reduction to that inventory in order to provide a better residential experience for students moving forward. Given this change, we are able to offer a very limited Off-Campus Housing Process for the 2023-24 academic year. Please remember that the number of students released from the residency requirement to live off campus is still determined based on student enrollment and housing inventory. The exact number of students to be released for next academic year is yet to be determined, but it can be noted that it will be a smaller number than in the past, even smaller than the current academic year.

It is important for students of all class years to remember that they should not sign a lease to live in the community until they are formally approved to be released from their residency requirement. The College will continue to make annual decisions regarding off-campus housing in the late Fall semester each year.

There are NO GUARANTEES that all eligible applicants will be released. For this reason you SHOULD NOT sign a lease for an off-campus accommodation until you receive approval (in writing) through the application process. Students who are not approved to live off campus must participate in the housing lottery process in March and April in order to secure on-campus housing for next year. If you do not have written permission to live off campus, you are obligated to reside in, and pay for, college housing. This obligation is in support of the Residential Guidebook and Housing License Agreement.  Violating this could result in disciplinary action. If you are approved, it is your responsibility to secure suitable accommodations.