Community Living

Community Agreements

During the first community meeting, student staff members will facilitate the development of a community agreement where students will decide, as a community, the standards to which they will hold each other within the context of College policy. This agreement will be revisited as needed throughout the academic year.

Roommate Agreements and Roommate Conflicts

Sharing a living space with another person can be challenging. Students must learn to communicate their needs to each other and agree to established rules as a way to manage their environment. Student staff members have access to roommate agreements which all students should complete as a way to manage roommate relationships. First-year students will also engage in a conversation with their staff member regarding their roommate agreement. Roommates having difficulties are encouraged to speak first with their roommate, then with their student staff member, and then, if needed, a Residential Education professional staff member.

On-Call Staff

In the event of an emergency, students should contact Campus Safety at 717-337-6911. Campus Safety will either address the issue or connect students with the appropriate on-call professional (administrator or counselor).