Your Personal Belongings and Important Insurance Information


Storing personal property in the residence halls over the summer is not permitted. If possible, you should plan to bring only items which will fit in your room or car. There is no storage available during the academic year. Information regarding off-campus storage options may be found on the Office of Residential Education’s website.

Liability Insurance

A homeowner’s or renter’s policy may provide liability coverage for a student. Liability insurance protects someone if they negligently cause injury to another person or damage to another’s property. It is not uncommon today for accidents to lead to lawsuits. Financial responsibility for damage and/or fire caused by use of prohibited items will be incurred by the responsible student(s).

Automobile Insurance

If a student brings an automobile to college, the student must carry the liability insurance required by the applicable state law. Gettysburg College also recommends that physical damage (comprehensive) coverage be purchased as well. All of the College parking lots are “park at your own risk”. Damage to vehicles parked on campus is not the responsibility of the College.