Gettysburg College does not provide on-campus storage for students. There are several storage options available to students.


GENERAL OVERVIEW: Ship-My-Room offers curbside pickup and storage of students' belongings. They also offer shipping services. Students pack up their items, schedule a pickup date, and then bring their items to the curb on the scheduled pickup day. Ship-My-Room will pick up the items (curb-side) and transport them to their storage facility for storage during the entire summer.  Items will be delivered at the start of the semester.

Visit Ship-My-Room's website for more details and to sign-up. Students can receive a 20% discount with code Bullets24 when signing up for storage. Please note that you'll see four move-out options on their website. However, packing services are not available to Gettysburg students. Students must use curbside pickup to store or ship their belongings with Ship-My-Room. 

Please contact Ship-My-Room directly at 484.575.4159 or with any questions you may have.

Local self-storage facilities

Numerous local self-storage facilities provide flexibility for a student or a group of students wanting to store their belongings. Students are responsible for contacting the self-storage facilities to inquire about pricing and make arrangements for storage. Please note that the providers listed on this list does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Gettysburg College. It is your responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services.

Local Self-Storage Facilities