Upperclass Residence Halls

Gettysburg College offers several different housing styles for upperclass students. Below is a list of our upperclass buildings with links to detailed information about each building.

To view the floor plans for a particular building, students should login to their CNAV account, select “MyHousing” from the first drop-down menu, then select “My Housing Self-Service.” From there, click on the "Floor Plans" link under "Helpful Links" on the right-hand side of the page.

Musselman Hall

Traditional Style Housing

Traditional style housing includes halls and houses that have singles, doubles, and triples that open up to long corridors. These buildings tend to have group bathrooms and may have a shared kitchen. Students select to live in these buildings by small group or by choosing to live in a single or double without connection to a particular group. These buildings offer students the best opportunity to meet new people through the residential experience.

105 W. Water St. - beginning with the 2024-2025 academic year, 105 W. Water will revert back to its fraternity

Lamp Post

Mussleman Hall

Patrick Hall

Stevens Hall

College House and Fraternity House Living

Gettysburg College owns many houses along North Washington Street and Carlisle Street. Most of these properties are part of our College House program.

Gettysburg College owns six fraternity houses and an additional three houses are privately owned. Fraternity members are required to live in their house unless the house is full. Greek Housing is coordinated by both the Office of Residential Education and the Office of Student Activities & Greek Life.

Suite Style Housing

Living in a suite means that the students have access to a private bathroom. At Gettysburg, there are two different types of suite style living options.

Paxton Hall

Option 1: Motels

The motels offer students the opportunity to live in a double or single with a private bathroom. Most of these rooms are selected by single or doubles without connection to a larger group.

Colonial Hall

Lahm Hall

Paxton Hall

Smyser Hall

Option 2: Quarry Suites

The Quarry buildings offer groups of students the opportunity to live together in singles and doubles sharing a private common space and bathroom. The singles and doubles are, for the most part, selected by suite in groups of five to seven. Each building has one kitchen shared by the 40 to 65 students living in the building. A meal plan is required for students who live in these buildings.

Haaland Hall

West Hall

Hazlett Hall

Quarry Suites

Apartment Style Housing

Apartments offer groups of students the opportunity to live together in singles and doubles sharing a private, common space, bathroom, and kitchen. The apartments are largely selected by groups of four-six students; although there is a small number of three, seven, eight, nine, and ten person apartments.

25 Railroad Street

209 N. Washington Street

Apple Hall

Appleford Carriage House

College Apartments

Constitution Apartments

Ice House Complex