Items that are NOT permitted

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited in residence halls:

  • Guns, firearms, knives longer than three-inches, or weapons of any type, including BB and pellet guns
  • Candles and/or incense (lit or unlit)
  • Tapestries, banners and flags. These items cannot be hung on walls, ceilings, or over windows. Window treatments such as curtains must be made of a fabric that resists or retards the spreading of flames and has either a UL fire rating #723 or NFPA 225.
  • Room-heating devices, including all space heaters, kerosene or oil lamps, and alcohol burners
  • Gasoline-powered items, such as motorcycles, mopeds, or parts thereof
  • Hover boards and/or electric unicycles
  • Pressurized tanks (e.g. helium tanks)
  • Flammable and/or combustible liquids and/or chemicals including gasoline and charcoal
  • Grills of any type (except UL-listed Foreman-style grills in apartments)
  • Fireworks, smoke bombs, sparklers, etc.
  • Drug paraphernalia and illegal drugs
  • Animals or pets of any kind (except certified service animals, approved emotional support animals, and/or non-carnivorous fish). See Pet Policy for more information)
  • Light dimmers, ceiling fans, or any other device that replaces, adds to, or interferes with any room apparatus
  • Excessive furniture that blocks or restricts egress
  • Physical training equipment
  • Three-section couches
  • Waterbeds and beds other than twin size
  • Dartboards and darts
  • Nails, hooks, double-faced adhesive tape, or other items that will damage walls
  • Live trees
  • Personal lofts

The following electrical appliances and corded items are prohibited in residence halls:

(Note: all cords and permitted appliances must be UL Listed)

  • Halogen lamps
  • Electrical appliances with an exposed heating source (e.g. toaster ovens, toasters, hot plates)
  • Overloaded electrical receptacles
  • Faulty or old extension cords
  • Portable washers, dryers, and dishwashers
  • Mini  refrigerators (only permitted in apartments)
  • Air conditioners (except for approved units that are provided and installed by the College through the disability accommodations process )
  • Microwaves other than a microfridge (unless within an apartment, and then limited to one)

NOTE: The preceding list is not all inclusive; any item that is a threat to public safety may be removed. In addition to confiscation, violators may pay a monetary fine and may be subject to Conduct action.

Prohibited Conduct

The following actions are prohibited in residence halls and may result in conduct action:

  • Smoking inside any residential space; this includes the use of electronic cigarettes and vapes. Smoking must occur at least 15 feet away from any building.
  • Draping or placing objects, including fabric, over lighting fixtures, smoke detectors, or fire sprinkler systems.
  • Hanging cardboard, plastic, or fabric (e.g. tapestries, banners, and flags) on walls, ceilings, light fixtures, or fire sprinkler apparatus. Posters on walls can't exceed 25% of the total wall surface.
  • Hanging stringed lights on the exterior of buildings without the advanced, expressed, written consent of the Office of Residential Education. Inside residence halls, students may use up to three strands of stringed light per room. All stringed lights must be UL-approved.
  • Wrapping or placing wires or stringed lights in the area of beds.
  • Lending keys to others; copying keys; possession of keys that are not authorized for your use.
  • Water fights, ball playing, bike riding, or similar activities which may cause harm to persons or property.
  • Storage of bicycles in stairwells, halls, or rooms.
  • Storage of personal items such as sports bags/equipment, furniture, or suitcases in stairwells or hallways.
  • Throwing any items into or out of windows.
  • Altering, tampering, or dismantling any door closure or propping open any exterior door
  • Cooking food in individual bedrooms (other than in microfridges).
  • Solicitation of goods or services, except by Gettysburg College students who have received prior approval from the Office of College Life.
  • Painting, wallpapering, or similarly decorating individual rooms or common areas unless prior approval is given by the Office of Residential Education and Facilities Services.
  • Repairing any damages or the removal or replacement of light bulbs in ceiling fixtures that have not been approved/provided by the Facilities staff.
  • Removal, destruction, disassembling, or altering of any furniture in a room.
  • Removing screens from windows.
  • Installing wall partitions or paneling.
  • Modifying or tampering with circuit breakers or any part of the electrical system.
  • Installing and subscribing to a cable or satellite TV provider.
  • Installing personal locks or chains on doors or windows.
  • Sleeping in public areas of the residence halls.
  • Entering the Quarry pond - this includes wading, swimming, and ice skating.
  • Vehicle maintenance on college property.