Start a Club or Organization

Start a New Club or Organization

So you want to get involved on campus, but don’t see the club or organization you are interested in? No worries! It’s easy to start your own organization. The Office of Student Activities & Greek Life has established a procedure for students interested in beginning a new club or organization.  Please use the following Registration Checklist as a guide in progressing through the registration process.

Registration Process

  1. Submit the Student Org Registration form on engageGettysburg. 
  2. Draft a Constitution (PDF) and Bylaws for your student organization. 
  3. Elect at least two executive board officers.
    1. All Presidents must have a 2.2 GPA
    2. If your club wants to be student Senate Recognized, then they must have a President, Treasurer, and Student Senate Representative on the board. Thus, the club must consist of a minimum of at least two executive board members if President or Treasurer is the Student Senate Representative or three executive board members if another person is acting as the club’s Student Senate Representative in either case.
  4. Attain a minimum of six members
    1. If a group does not have enough members, the Campus Scheduler, Cathy Zarrella, will assist the group to reserve one (1) general meeting space. This will only occur once a semester. Cathy Zarrella will contact the group once the space has been reserved.
  5. Attain an advisor who is considered full-time faculty (not on a sabbatical), staff, or administrator.
  6. Meet with the Victoria Gotwald, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Greek Life. To set up a meeting email
    1. The President must meet with Victoria Gotwald. Clubs are also welcome to meet with Victoria Gotwald at any point of the registration process.
  7. Advisor Confirmation
    1. Your listed advisor will be emailed to confirm their role in your organization.

    Post-Registration Process

    Once you have received confirmation that your student organization has been created, please update the following: 

    1. Your membership roster in engageGettysburg.
    2. Your officer list (if any additional officers need to be added).
    3. Your student organization's website on engageGettysburg. 

    Ideal Timeline

    Rolling Basis for New Student Organizations during the academic year

    1. Organizations have until the last day of classes of the current semester to get all their materials in to be eligible to participate in the Activities Fair during the following semester. 

    Additional Information

    Please review the tutorials and resources page that is available to you on engageGettysburg.