Harassment Policy

Students are expected to demonstrate respect to other individuals of the community as they pursue their academic goals and live on the campus. Harassment is a violation of policy and will not be tolerated. Harassment includes any written, verbal or physical acts (including electronically transmitted acts) that is reasonably perceived as creating a hostile learning, living, or work environment; causes bodily harm; or unreasonably interferes with the learning or living environment particularly if the behavior is repeated and/or if it continues after a person is informed of the objectionable nature of the behavior. Harassment can be a single incident, or a series of repeated incidents. Bullying is a form of harassment that consists of unwanted, aggressive verbal, social or physical behavior by a person or group that involves an observed or perceived power imbalance. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying and includes the use of an electronic medium to harass through the use of embarrassing images or content or the use of hostile, degrading, or fictitious information or content. 

Harassment on the basis of a protected trait may be addressed through the Bias Conduct Policy. Harassment that falls within the Title Policy or the Sexual Harassment Policy will be addressed through the applicable policy.