Multi-line VOIP Telephone Instructions

For Telephone help, dial ext. 6918

Answering a Call

Lift the handset or press the Speaker button or press the Answer softkey or press the Headset button (if applicable).

Terminating a Call

Hang up the handset or press Speaker or End Call softkey.

Placing a Call

Lift the handset or press Speaker or press Headset (if applicable) or one of the speed buttons (if applicable). Dial the number.

Local calls enter 9 + the 7 digit telephone number.
Long distance calls enter 9 + 1 + Area Code + the 7 digit telephone number.


Press Hold button or Hold softkey.
To return to the call on Hold, press Hold button, again or press the Resume softkey or press Session flashing green line button.


Press Transfer during an active call.
Enter the extension number you are transferring to.
Press Transfer again.
To regain a transferred call, press Resume.

Forward - All Calls - 4 Digits Only

Press Forward All smartkey. You will hear two beeps.
Enter the number to which you want to forward all your calls.

To cancel
Press Forward Off smartkey.  You will hear a single beep and screen will display Forward All smartkey.

3 Way Conference Call

Make the telephone call.
Press Conference button.
Make the next telephone call.
When the call connects, press Conference button again.
Repeat to add more people.

Call Waiting

  • Allows you to be alerted when you receive an incoming call while on another call
  • Call waiting provides an auditory alert and displays incoming call on your phone screen
  • Pressing the Answer softkey automatically places the original call on Hold

Personal Options

Press the Options key at the bottom of the telephone and follow the instructions.
Press the Quit key to exit without saving any changes.

Volume Adjustment
Ring Type
Contrast Adjustment
Call Timer (displays the time elapsed for calls)
Date/Time Format
Language selection
Change Features key label
Call Log Options
Preferred name match (shortcut for finding directory items)