Single Line Analog Telephone Instructions

For Telephone help, dial ext. 6918.

Call Pilot # 337-7400 (for checking your voicemail messages)
Express Messaging # 337-7484 (directly leaving a message in a mailbox without having to listen to the message)

To make a call to an on campus extension

Dial the 4-digit extension number, also known as the Directory Number (DN).

To make a call off campus

Dial 9 and the telephone number. If the call is in another area code, dial a "1". For example, 9-1-609-234-5678, 9-1-800-123-4567, etc. Then dial your long distance authorization code.

Incoming calls

You will be able to distinguish between an external call from an internal call. An external call rings "RING-RING-PAUSE, RING-RING-PAUSE", while an internal call rings normally, "RING-PAUSE, RING-PAUSE". If you do not answer a call, depending on how your set is programmed, the call may be directed to your mailbox or to another extension.

Calling Features

Transfer: You are on an active call and wish to send the call to another extension.

  • Tell the caller you will transfer them.
  • Depress the switchhook (or use the LINK or a FLASH button). You will hear a special dial tone.
  • Dial the extension number. You can stay on the line and announce the caller before hanging up. The caller cannot hear.
  • Hang up.
  • If you get a busy signal or a fast busy signal, you can get the caller back by depressing the switchhook again.

Conference Calls (6-way calling): You are on an active call and wish to add another party to the conversation.

  • Tell the caller you are adding another person to the call.
  • Depress the switchhook. You will hear a special dial tone.
  • Dial the number (dial 9 first if it is an outside call).
  • When the person answers, depress the switchhook again.
  • Repeat the instructions above to add more people to the call. Maximum of 6 people (both internal and external).

Note: If you do not receive a busy signal or no answers when using TRANSFER or CONFERENCE, depress the switchhook and you will be re-connected with the original caller(s).

Call Forward (*2 to forward or #22 to cancel forwarding): If you will be away from your desk you can redirect your calls to another extension or to CALL PILOT (at extension 7400).

  • Life the handset and dial *2
  • Dial the extension you want the calls re-directed.
  • Hang up

To cancel call forward, lift the handset and dial #22.

Call Pickup (*7): Some phones are in a CALL PICKUP GROUP, meaning you can answer a phone ringing in your area by lifting your handset and dialing *7.

Last Number Redial: When activated, this feature will dial the last telephone number called from the phone. The maximum number of digits it will store is 16. Lift your handset and dial *3.

Hold (*4): To place an active call on HOLD, depress the switchhook and dial *4. Hang up. You will hear a reminder ring every 60 seconds while a call is on HOLD. The call will stay on HOLD until you lift the handset

Ring Again (*5): You have dialed an extension and received a busy signal. Dial *5 and hang up. When you are called back, listen for 3 short rings. Lift handset and hear ringing. Wait for an answer and begin your conversation. To cancel ring again, pick up your handset and dial #55.