College Archives

The Archives contain correspondence, records, minutes of meetings, and other documents that are part of the official record of Gettysburg College. The documents record the work of Gettysburg presidents, trustees, officers, faculty and faculty governance committees, and student organizations. The collection also includes items that are not part of the official record, but are related to the College, such as books and articles by members of the College community, College histories, theses, student publications, faculty papers, photographs, artifacts, manuscripts, and ephemera. Books in the collection may be searched through MUSCAT Plus. See the archivist on duty for access to other materials.

Records Management:
Two copies of every College publication and documents that are archival should be transferred to Special Collections on a regular basis and in accordance with schedules to be agreed to by the office concerned and the Special Collections Librarian. See Gettysburg College Records Management Policy and Procedures for submitting records to the Archives for further information.

Gettysburg College Collections:

College Histories
Publications, photographs, documents, oral histories, manuscripts, and scrapbooks pertaining to the history of the college, the faculty and staff, its students.

College Records
Official documents of the college. Unlike the documents in the College History collection, these documents were created by College employees and serve as an official record. Official papers of college offices, such as the President, Board of Trustees, and Provost. Some files are restricted; see the archivist on duty for specific information on availability.

Minutes & Publications
A partial list of student and faculty publications, as well as various committee minutes. Some materials are available in the Reading Room, others are located in the closed stacks.