MS-298: College Choir 1963 European Tour

MS-298: College Choir 1963 European Tour

MS-298: College Choir 1963 European Tour

Processed by Sydney Dyer
February 2023

Size: 2 boxes, 1.25 cubic feet

Inclusive: 1963
Bulk: July 11th to August 21st, 1963

Donated by Theodore Wachhaus ’63 to Gettysburg College Special Collections.

Biographical Note
Theodore Wachhaus ’63 graduated with a major in psychology and was a member of the Gettysburg
College Choir and participated in its European tour the summer after his graduation.

Scope and Content Note
This collection is made up of information on the Gettysburg College Choir’s tour through Europe. There
is detailed information on the route of the Choir’s trip and the places and events they performed at,
particularly in Germany and Finland as they performed in large concert events. In Germany, they
performed in the German Evangelical Church Congress, and in Finland, they performed in the Fourth
Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation. There is also a wide variety of travel documents and
collected maps, pamphlets, and other memorabilia from each country visited by the students, which
may be interesting to those looking for travel guides or items of the era. There are a wide variety of
photos of the trip, both on slides and digitized by the donor.

Series Description
This collection is divided into 12 series. Series 1: Travel Itineraries and General Memorabilia, Series 2:
Holland (July 11-13), Series 3: Switzerland (July 13-18), Series 4: Germany (July 18-28), Series 5:
Denmark (July 28-31), Series 6: Finland (July 31-August 7), Series 7: Sweden (August 7-10), Series 8:
Norway (August 10-12), Series 9: France (August 12-16), Series 10: England (August 16-19), Series 11:
Scotland (August 19-21), Series 12: Artifacts